In this SPYERA review, I will show you all the details you need about this monitoring software for mobile phones, tablets and computers. If you want to know everything about it, then this is the place to be. I also give you the best SPYERA coupon code to save your money if you want to get it.

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An In Depth Review of SPYERA App

What is SPYERA?

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SPYERA is a highly advanced spy software that fulfills the monitoring needs of users immaculately and offers the best surveillance features that make monitoring on an individual’s cell phone activities easy. The software is compatible with  Android phone, Android tablet and iPhone or iPad; and also lets users to track the activities done on desktop computers (Windows PC or Mac iOS).

The award winning software is ideal for parents and employers who need to keep an eye on their children and workforce respectively. It offers all the essential features like, call interception, ambient listening, SMS monitoring, email tracking, location tracking and viewing internet messenger activity to provide the best possible spying solution to users.

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Why Should I Need This Monitoring Software for Phones & Tablets?

With the advent of smartphones, contacting people and socializing has become even more easier, however, this technology has a toll on some individuals as well. For example, most children these days complain that some people over the internet harass them and try to contact them through phones. Also, kids surf on the internet all the time and view adult content which is a serious issue as well. So, in order to protect children from all such stuff, SPYERA is the best choice for parents to keep an eye on their children and protect them from unwanted stuff for their well-being.

Likewise, employers also need to keep an eye on employees to keep them motivated towards work and check their credibility to prevent data theft from happening. Also, the misusage of company-owned mobile phones is a major issue in all leading business organizations which results in low productivity and costly fees as well. To prevent misusage and data theft from happening, SPYERA is the best solution to monitor employees for the betterment of the organization.

What SPYERA Can Help You?

SPYERA monitors targeted individuals communications and internet activity done on a mobile device. It also allows users to monitor the cell phone activities in real-time with the help of its user-friendly command center. Some of the key features that this software offers include:

  1. Live Call Recording
  2. Record Surroundings
  3. Live Call Listening
  4. Monitor Internet Messengers
  5. Check Multimedia Files
  6. Track SMS Messages
  7. Track GPS Location
  8. Monitor Email Activity
  9. Password Grabber
  10. Spy on Internet Messenger Calls
  11. Check Call History
  12. Send Spoof SMS
  13. Monitor Web History
  14. Sim Notification
  15. Check Address Book

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Is Spyera Legit?

Spyera is a legitimate company for parental control app and with Spyera the list of features is broad. As of now, this parental monitoring software offers tracking aspects of mobile devices that run on iOS as well as Android. Spyera works on PCs and Macs as well.

How to Download and Install SPYERA?

SPYERA is one of the world’s most advanced spying software that offers a variety of spying features for spying on anyone secretly. It is compatible with most operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iOS and can be easily installed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC instantly after download. However, there are some important things you should know before installing this software, such as:

  • Preparation

SPYERA works on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Mac iOS operating systems and requires a high-speed internet connection for the transmission of the monitored data to the online account of the user. In order to install SPYERA, it is necessary for users to get access of the mobile device that they want to monitor and download the software directly to it. Once the download process is complete, the installation process will start automatically and the installation wizard will guide the user for installing SPYERA.

  • Installation and Setup

Spyera review

Downloading and installing SPYERA is a simple task. To download and install the application, the user needs to follow the following steps:

  1.  Click Here to select a suitable package plan along with the duration of service.
  2.  Please click on the “Buy Now” tab and fill in the necessary detail in the billing section.
  3. Click on the “Continue” tab and agree to the terms and conditions to finalize the order.
  4. Once the order is confirmed, SPYERA will send a welcome email in which a download URL and account details will be provided.
  5. By using the mobile device you want to monitor, download the software directly to the targeted device.
  6. As soon as the download process gets completed, install SPYERA by following the instructions of the installation wizard.
  7. After installation, the software will start monitoring the device automatically. The user can access or control the SPYERA features by using his online control panel or by sending undetectable SMS commands.

Check this video for more information on how to install SPYERA on cell phone in detail:

  • How does Remote Listening Device Work?

The phone that has SPYERA installed on it is referred to as the target phone. The phone one makes spy calls from is referred to as the monitor phone. When an individual or the user calls the target phone from the monitor phone, the target phone answers the call. By doing this it lets the user or monitoring phone listen to the target phone’s surroundings. If the target phone is busy or a key is pressed on it, the monitor phone will be disconnected. In this way, the target will be unaware of the monitoring and therefore suspect nothing.

  • Does Spyrea Need Jailbreak Require?

Yes, iOS devices require Jailbreak. If the target device runs on iOS like an iPad or an iPhone then the user must jailbreak the target device first in order to install the spy monitoring software. The reason for this is due to Apple’s application store policy. Jailbreaking will allow the user to bypass the Apple prohibitions and enable the user to install Spyera. Jail-breaking is only necessary for devices that run on iOS and not Android. Finally, once an iOS run device has been bypassed via jailbreak, Spyera can hide Cydia (jailbreak) icon on the target device. In this way, the user of the target device will not know that their device has been jail-broken.

  • Does Spyera Need Root Require?

No, Spyera does not need to root the target device. On the other hand, there are certain features that require root permission if the target device is Android in nature. The root is only related to Android devices.

  • How to Use Spyera Spy App?

One downloads the Spyera app into the phone, tablet or computer to be spied upon. Once installed, the software begins capturing information immediately and sending it to the user’s web portal account. Spyera records phone calls as well as saving IM/SMS/MMS messages and any other communication via the target device. The software also sends alerts to the user upon receipt or sending of communication by the target device. The user may also upon enabling remotely, be able to hear discreetly to live phone calls as well as VoIP communications.

Spyera FAQ:

  • Can I install SPYERA remotely?

No, you cannot install SPYERA remotely because it is necessary for the buyer to have the targeted mobile device in hand to download and install the software manually.

  • How many phones can I monitor at once using Spyera?

You can install SPYERA on multiple mobile devices by purchasing the All in one user license and monitor the activities of these devices through your online account.

  • Is Spyera completely hidden?

Yes, SPYERA is completely undetectable and does not inform the user about its presence; hence it is the best spying software around, which works reliably even in the most hostile environments.

  • How much time does installing SPYERA take?

After downloading the software, it takes about 3 minutes to complete the installation process.

  • Can I install the software on a phone using my own SIM, and hand over the phone to my child who uses another SIM?

Yes, you can install SPYERA by using any SIM, and later on change the SIM card of the phone and still monitor the activities of the device.

  • What devices are supported? 

Spyera works on iPhones, iPads, Macs, as well as Android phones, tablets, and Windows computers. Spyera keeps on updating and upgrading its software, and upon doing this and depending on the platform one is on, notification shall be sent to them.

  • What’s the difference between Tablet, SmartPhone, and Computer versions?

Spyera is designed for various functionalities when it comes to devices. There is Spyera for phones, tablets, and computers. For the three different versions, they will work for either Android or Apple-based devices.

  • Can I upgrade to SPYERA SmartPhone from SPYERA Tablet?

Yes, this is possible for a user. One will just contact Spyera via chat or their email address (support@spyera.com) for further assistance. Upon upgrade, the expiry date for the previous subscription remains the same.

  • Which countries does SPYERA work in?

Spyera is a global software. It works on any network and any country, plus it supports all languages.

  • How can SPYERA assist to recover my stolen phone?

SPYERA has what is referred to as SIM ALERT technology. This technology enables the phone that has Spyera installed in it to send an alert to the pre-defined number. The information that will be in the text message is SIM number, cell ID, cell phone number as well as the network being used. The user upon receiving this text message will be able to activate and then listen in to the thief’s phone conversations, their surroundings and be able to track them as well.


The software works on most mobile phones and tablets. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac iOS operating systems running on various phones and tablets.

These requirements may vary from Apple and Android users, are all easy to meet.

Apple Requirements:

  • Physical access to target iPhone or iPad for around 3 mins.
  • The device must be jail broken.

Android Requirements:

  • Physical access to target Android phone or tablet for around 3 mins.
  • WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, Instagram and Email features will require the target device to be rooted.

A Few SPYERA Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of other original SPYERA customer reviews from reviews sites:

Lena – Top10spysoftware.com says:

“I tried several spy soft and Spyera is my favorite. Besides, it looks like the only version compatible with iOS 5 and it’s really a great thing. One thing that I don’t like is that it takes a lot of battery and it can become noticeable…”

Cris – cell-phones-spy-software.com says:

“My father was diagnosed with early onset dementia….With Spyera, we found the best solution to our long pressing problem. We can now track dad without hindering his movement. He can go to the park and unwind while we can peacefully keep track of his whereabouts. After using Spyera for a year and a half, we are proud to say that our dad never got lost again…”

Quick Spyera.com Review

As mentioned before, SPYREA offers its software online through its official website. The overview and details about the official website are as follows:

  • Website Layout

Spyera.com reviews

The website (https://spyera.com/) has a simple yet informative design offering details about its products along with tag prices and key features. Any person can place an order with ease after selecting his desired product.

  • Making Orders

In order to buy this hidden spy phone app online, a prospective buyer simply needs to select the software to visit its dedicated page and click on the shopping cart tab to place the order providing some personal details for payment.

  • Shopping Processing

After order placement, the buyer will receive a welcome email in which a download button will be present. The user will have to click on the button to download the software and install it by following the installation wizard’s instructions. After that, the user will need to set up his account with SPYERA for activating the product.

  • Customer Support

The official website of SPYREA includes a menu in which the Support tab exists, any person can get access to a customer support representative easily by clicking on the support tab.

  • Help and Support

SPYERA comes with the best customer support, buyers can contact the support team at any time by visiting the official website and submitting a request by clicking on the support tab.

SPYERA Review – Does Spyera Really Work?

All things considered, SPYERA is one of the best spying software for phones and tablets available on the internet that provides superb surveillance features to fulfill the spying needs of any person. With exceptional features, user-friendly command center and outstanding customer support; this software is second to none.

Final SPYERA Review Rating:
  • Features
  • Installation and Setup
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Help and Support
  • Value of Money
User Rating: 4.6 (5 votes)

How to Buy SPYERA and Make Payments?

In order to buy SPYERA, a person needs to choose a package plan and the duration of service from “http://spyera.com/purchase/” by clicking on the “Buy Now” tab. To make the payment, the prospective buyer needs to select an appropriate billing option, fill in the necessary billing details in the billing section and agree to the terms and conditions to confirm the order. Check our special Spyera promo code below to get up to 80% off your order.

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