Frequently Asked Questions of SPYERA

SPYERA is one of the best spying software available on the internet which enables users to monitor anyone’s cell phone activities secretly. It includes highly advanced features that provide superb surveillance of mobile phone activities and allow the user to remotely control certain aspects of the targeted device.

Frequently Asked Questions of SPYERA

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How can SPYERA assist me in recovering my stolen phone?

As SPYERA includes SIM alert technology, once the SIM card is changed in a SPYERA PRO installed device, the software informs the user by SMS about the new SIM card phone number, registered network, cell ID and SIM number. With ambient listening feature, the user can also listen to the thief’s surroundings and contact law enforcement authorities to track him down.

Can I listen to phone conversations?

Yes, you can listen to phone conversations in real-time by using the call interception feature of SPYERA. After you setup a monitored phone number, SPYERA will send an SMS notification whenever a new call is initiated and you can join the phone call by placing a call on the target device phone number by using your pre-defined phone number.

How does Remote Listening Work?

To remotely listen to the surroundings of the targeted device, the user will have to call the targeted phone from his SPYERA registered phone number. The software will recognize the number automatically and answer the call to let the user listen to the surroundings of the targeted device. However, if the targeted phone is busy on a call, the spy call will be disconnected by the software and the user can then use the call interception feature to listen to the current call.

What does remote control allow me to do?

After installation, the user can send undetectable SMS commands to the targeted device to change the SPYERA settings. For example, the user can command SPYERA to send all the current logs and data to his online account by using the remote control feature of SPYERA.

Can I record Phone calls?

Yes, with the call recording feature, you can record phone calls and listen to them by accessing your web account.

How safe is my data on SPYERA server?

SPYERA only allows its users to access their private data and enables them to permanently delete it if necessary. SPYERA does not divulge a user’s data or account details to anyone unless legally forced to do so.

Do SPYERA provide a money back guarantee?

Yes, SPYERA offers a 10-day money back guarantee. In case a customer is dissatisfied with the product after its activation, he can contact the customer support, inform the reason for deactivation and a full refund will be given.

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